Sunday, August 7, 2011

14 days...

Until Fall semester 2011 classes start. EEK! Where has this summer break gone to? I guess with working a bit and taking two summer classes it didn't really seem like much of a summer break. It was overall a pretty uneventful summer, hardly made plans to do much due to classes. I have only been swimming twice-not okay. Hoping these last two weeks off from school will be fun!
I am sort of looking forward to Fall classes though, this time next year will be my last semester of college and I will graduate in Fall 2012! SCARY to think about!! This coming semesters classes shouldn't be too bad-all five are communications classes, which is what my major is. I was fortunate enough this year to be able to get a few new pairs of jeans-I out grew five pairs. I am excited to wear them and my new quarter zip sweatshirt from vs pink. Also looking forward to using my new school supplies!
Best wishes to everyone as they start their fall semester classes.


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