Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving. May you be blessed to spend it with loved ones and have your belly be full. Count your blessings, life is short.
Prayers for those who are struggling with any aspect of life.
Isn't the kitty cute? :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall is My Favorite


Not sure if any of you watch this show, but I started watching Survivor last season with Andrew and each week we try and watch the latest episode together. This season on the show loved ones are playing with/against each other. I believe this show is on it's 14th season? If you haven't been watching I recommend you tune in. :)

Managed to get a few pictures while the leaves in the neighborhood were pretty and still on the trees.
This one is across the street from our house and it always has the brightest leaves.....not shown here, but wish y'all could see them in person.

Halloween has passed, but a lady at work made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies the other week at work so I took a gander at it. They actually turned out pretty well, considering it was my first time ever baking something pumpkin. 
My co-workers literally ate them up. HA. 
I figured since Thanksgiving is coming up I might make them again for when we celebrate with family.

I LOVE FALL. It's my absolute favorite time of the year.

Some of the best shows are on. The outdoor activities are SO fun. 
Football and basketball games are being played. It's the perfect time for a fire pit night with friends. :)

What is your favorite season and what about it?
Have you ever made something with pumpkin besides a pie?

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Pearls and Curls

Back in the swing of things with posting on insta. So I'm going to share my latest pics.

Two posts in two days say what?

For halloween I was the orbit gum girl and Andrew was the gum. #Fabulous

Cookies for the party

Meow. My pumpkin.

Office decorations.

Flint Hills, KS 11/2/13

Leaves. Love this time of year and how pretty they get.

Finally used my BB gift cards and got a pedi and a half hour massage. 

What did you do this week?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two-Way Street?


Not sure about you, but I've always thought friendship was supposed to be a two-way street. If one person stops making an effort, the friendship turns into just being acquaintances or all contact is lost.
Sometimes people go down different paths in life, and relationships naturally end, other times life brings you back together, and the friendship picks up where it left off, like nothing has changed.
In other situations one person tries to stay in touch for a while, and when no response is given back....that person trying to maintain the friendship gives up all hope.

Why do people make things so frustrating? Why are people so rude? A simple response is appreciated and considered nice.....
Yes it stings a bit when someone you no longer talk to for whatever reasons delete you on FB...first world problems?
But when you're still "friends" on FB, instagram, twitter, used to double date, and are considered "sisters" it stings a little extra hard when they post on social media but don't have the time to text you back/fb chat you.
Maybe they changed their number? Doubt it.

I give up. Yes it hurts a little to slowly have your "good friends/friends" list dwindle over time....
Guess that means I need to get out more and meet new people? Get more involved in my free time?

Anyone else have this problem with people not following the two-way street unspoken rule when it comes to friendship?