Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cute Sorority Shirts.....

Dang it. The Greek clothing stores have come out with some super cute shirt designs since I've graduated. UGHHHH. WHY NOW?!? This Alum is jelly. I've stopped buying new shirts, but definitely still rock my college day ones around the house/gym/running errands/relaxing with friends.
All though there are some super tempting ones out there.

"No matter the letters, we're all Greek together. "






There are tons more out there. These are some favs from pinterest, after browsing for 3 goodness.

Anyone else a sorority alum and jelly of the girls with the cute shirts that are still in their undergrad years?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Instagram Dump

Volunteered at the 2nd annual motorcycle ride today. :)

Most recent baseball game a few weeks back, heading to another game Friday and can't wait.

Brownies with PB and Reece's PB nom nom.

Pool day this weekend. Used my new luxury beach yeah...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Goin to the Chapel

And we're going to get marrieddddd.....
Well not me, but two of my really good friends got married on 5/31/14. :)
Myself and Andrew got the pleasure of being in the bridal party. Myself a bridesmaid and Andrew a groomsman.
The happy couple got married at Lake Quivira, KS. The country club is a really pretty place right on the beach of Lake Quivira.
The ceremony was beautiful, the cocktail hour wine was white zin and it was amazing! The italian food was super yummy. The music was bumping and the dancing and company of friends made for the best time. Everyone looked beautiful. I can't believe that day that was planned for, talked about, and obsessed over for over a year has come and gone.
I shall now leave you with a few pics from my instagram/fb.
Sorry they aren't in order.
Shellac mani for wedding

Some attendees with the bride and groom.

Friend CB and I.

Andrew and myself. :)

BW, myself and KS the bridesmaids.

Pinot's Palette bachelorette party painting.

Bride LR and her maid of honor her sister SB. 

All of us waiting for the bride LR to walk down the aisle. 

LR the bride and I at her bachelorette party.

Rehearsal dinner fun. Bride and her maids.

What was left of my bouquet. Hydrangeas has wilted over night.

Groom MR with Andrew. 

My sister attended the wedding and snapped this on her iphone.

Bachelorette party cake.

Mr and Mrs R at rehearsal dinner.

Andrew and I at the rehearsal dinner. Thanks to instagram we're tan.

Andrew at the wedding. My sister sat right by where he was standing.

My friend PG and I!