Saturday, March 29, 2014

New at This. Help Needed.

If you follow me on insta.....lifesabeach2110.... you would know that this happened yesterday for the first time ever.
Yes, that's right. As a 24 year old I am going to try and get more into this whole make-up thing. I was never taught.
I have four weddings to attend or be in this year and have an adult job. I thought I should maybe have nicer make-up for some occasions.
Right now all I wear is a neutral eye shadow that has some sparkle to it and mascara. Oh and if you can count chapstick-I am obsessed with it.
I am headed back to a different ulta today to pick up a blush.
Wish me luck!
I am in desperate need of any and all tips! Any Youtube videos you recommend? Favorite products? How should I and what do I used to wash my brushes?

This girl right hurr has a crap ton of freckles and is pale as can be.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Iphone Probs

Well I am sitting here waiting for the new software for the Iphone to download and my phone to update. The problem with this is that I had to re-set my phone, back up to icloud, AND take off my entire play list of music-except one small one. 5 gbs of music....psh that I want. 5 + gbs under the "other" category that no one can tell me what it is and why it is taking over my phone is beyond me and it's frustrating.
I was unable to update the software on the darn phone with out erasing my music. >:( <----angry internet face.
So I have now reverted to taking the music off and in hopes after the update is done to be able to much some of that music back on the phone.
I use the music when at the gym and sometimes in the car, and at parties. Music is important and there is too much silence in the world with out it.
Have you ever just sat in silence? It's actually loud and obnoxious to sit in silence-feel like I can hear the ringing in my ears or blood pumping through my head-weird I know.
I am a noise person; even at night I have a fan on overhead and my air purifier and they ever so slightly make just enough noise and are very useful for their normal functions.
Any who....hopefully I can figure this stuff out or I am not going to be a happy and a trip to the nearest super busy apple store will be in my future....

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Yeah....that's erh meh grd talk for Netflix.
I recently signed up for it again.
I've heard House of Cards, Vampire Diaries, and Downton Abbey are good.
Needing suggestions on what to watch.
And.... GO.