Saturday, March 29, 2014

New at This. Help Needed.

If you follow me on insta.....lifesabeach2110.... you would know that this happened yesterday for the first time ever.
Yes, that's right. As a 24 year old I am going to try and get more into this whole make-up thing. I was never taught.
I have four weddings to attend or be in this year and have an adult job. I thought I should maybe have nicer make-up for some occasions.
Right now all I wear is a neutral eye shadow that has some sparkle to it and mascara. Oh and if you can count chapstick-I am obsessed with it.
I am headed back to a different ulta today to pick up a blush.
Wish me luck!
I am in desperate need of any and all tips! Any Youtube videos you recommend? Favorite products? How should I and what do I used to wash my brushes?

This girl right hurr has a crap ton of freckles and is pale as can be.


  1. Kate from The Small Things has loads of great hair and makeup tips. You can also get advice and a makeover at Ulta or other beauty stores. They can help you figure out things like what sort of eyelids you have (for eyeliner).

  2. i love estee lauder everything! and scandaleyes mascara! i wash my brushes in sulfate free shampoo :) good luck! it's so fun once you really get into it :) HAVE FUN! :)