Saturday, June 29, 2013


Pearls and Curls
Linking up with Sara for the usual instagram recap. 

S'mores. The Best. Enough said. Thanks microwave for cooking it for me.
It's one of my go to snacks at the moment.

New shower curtain and hooks. Next the bathroom will be painted Quail Egg-cream.

Obsessed with Island Blooms by Vera Bradley. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet me in St. Louie


This weekend Andrew and I are taking a trip to St. Louis, MO!

My friend got married last weekend, and this weekend is the reception. (Different yes, but long story short she is Islamic/Muslim)

Since her husband had to drive 4 hours each way to pick her up for the long wedding day festivities the reception/party is being held tomorrow night.

That means Andrew gets to work and then we will make the 4 hour trek. 

We're staying by the airport. Figured it was an easy location to head in and out of town from. The reception is being held 35 minutes from the hotel, but eh. 

So tomorrow we leave around 3pm. Arrive shortly around 7:30 and will check in/get ready really fast.

The reception starts at 7pm, but everyone is "foreign" as my friend says, meaning most of the guests made the trip from another country and they are always running late.

So I am not too worried about showing up a bit late to the start of the reception. I bet it starts as we get there. HA.

Any who after we hit that up we will be spending one night in St. Louie. 

Sunday we plan to hit up the zoo and the Budweiser brewery tour!! Both are FREE. Also maybe the arch. But I LOVE FREE THINGS. We plan to park else where and walk so we don't have to dish out insane amounts of money for parking. 

Meal wise we're planning cheap stops. Aka McD's for breakfast....yeah. Only on road trips for me folks.

After we make those two-three stops Sunday, we will make the 4 hour drive home. :)

Have you ever been to St. Louis?! :)

Any advice?

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Pearls and Curls

This week was pretty simple. 

My Lilly order arrived. My mystery gift was the koozie.

Pink shirt with letters and green shorts. Sorority colors y'all.

Did some homework and took my second test of the class. Earned an 83%.

What did you do this week?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This past Sunday the 16th was Father's Day and my Mommy's birthday!
I made a gf cake for my mommy. 
They opened their gifts from me and my siblings. 
We all went out to lunch at Houlihan's to celebrate. 
My parents are pictured below with their gifts from me.

Mom with her lotions she wanted from B & BW

Dad with his D.A.D. Gifts.
Dark chocolate items, all you can eat $10 gift card to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, and $10 to Dick's Sporting goods.

They both loved their gifts! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013


Sami's Shenanigans
You guessed's that time again!

Had a snack size oreo mcflurry. EEK it was yummy. 

EEK! Finally found navy shorts with a cute color on the stripe part. LOVE THEM. 
From Dillard's surprisingly. 

EEK. We had a random line of severe t-storms move through on Saturday afternoon.
Let's just say it had 60+ mph wind gusts, and heavy rain. 
It resulted in a lot of downed trees/limbs around town.
Luckily this one was only one of the few in our hood.

Other than that this weekend we celebrated birthdays and father's day. 

I'll do a post tomorrow on that. :)
What did you do this weekend?!

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Bash Special!!

Join in on the Beach Bash

TODAY ONLY (6/17) Lilly Pulitzer is holding an online special!!
With any purchase you get a free mystery gift. Also there are levels of spending where you can earn bigger FREE gifts. :) Who doesn't love free stuff?!
When you check out there is the option for FREE shipping today only as well. Holla! I'm all about good deals and saving money.
Y'all should click the link above to get shopping!

I bought myself a new phone case. I have this sweet baby coming to me in the mail shortly.
It's the Iphone 4/4s You Gotta Regatta print, and I am in LOVE with the print, so naturally I am super excited for it to come in the mail. :)

Anyway happy shopping and let me know what you end up getting. Hooray for FREE stuff and Lilly P!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Took my first test for my online summer an 87%!! :) 

I have a job interview on Monday, it's for a temp job, but hey $15 an hour couldn't hurt.
Wish me luck!! I could really use a new job and the money. I would still stay at my current one in the mean time since it's only a temp one.
Fingers crossed that I get the job.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!! 
This was from his birthday last December.
Hopefully he likes his gifts. I went with the same theme I did for my mom...but spelt out D.A.D....I'll do a post on it later. 
Father's day this year also happens to fall on my Mommy's birthday.
So Happy Birthday to my Mom!!

Happy Father's day to all of the dads and grandpas out there!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


 Pearls and Curls

Linking up with Sara again for a weekly-recap.

Monday 6/10 Royals game vs Detroit Tigers. Royals kicked butt. :)

Andrew and I at the Royals game. On the Boulevard deck.
It was SUPER HOT out that day with humidity. 
Had to go to a lower seat section to wait for the sun to do down a bit.

Old one on the left and freshly washed. New one on the right.
Love my turtle pillow pets. Couldn't bare to part with the old one.

This week consisted of getting my hours cut at work due to it not being busy enough for 3 people to be on the clock until certain points in the day. Basically late lunch time.

Also worked on homework. I have my first test due this weekend, wish me luck. So sorry there aren't more entertaining pics. 

What did you do this week?

Oh and last night I decided to change up the blog look a bit. I changed the background, some font colors, and removed a few things from the side columns. Would love to be able to have a different blog button and a header, but I think it looks cute for now. :) It was time for a change. Thoughts on it?! Have a good weekend.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Brother!

So today happens to be Flag Day, AMERICA! Heck yeah!
That holiday also happens to fall on my brother's birthday. My not so little any more brother turned 19 today!
He is officially OLD. What happened to those days when I was in kindergarten and he was in pre-school....the days when we watched Blue Clues together. Yes before the Steve guy went all crazy and the put the new weird guy on the show. Also before we found out Blue was a girl and Magenta was a boy. Ha.
Any way he got his main ticket item-the latest (I think) Xbox. He was thrilled about it as you can tell. It was the only picture he smiled for the whole night. He hates having his picture taken.
Happy Birthday Carter!

#BloggerProblemz Link Up

1. I don't know anything about html...therefore no cute layout, no button, no button swaps, no gaining insane amounts of friends/readers. 

2. I don't post consistently because I never know what to write about and my life just isn't all that interesting. 

3. I forget to take pictures for posts.

4. People get annoyed when I instagram too many pictures-clogging their newsfeed. They need to follow more people. And by too many I mean like 2 a day if that.

5. It's hard to make your blog cute and get readers to make friendships when none of the above happens.

6. I refuse to sponsor people. I don't have that kind of money or anything required to do so as I said above. 

This is not meant to come across as whiny...this is a cry for help. Can anyone pretty please help me with this stuff? Thanks!1

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Shenanies

Sami's Shenanigans

Linking up with Sami. :)

This weekend wasn't too eventful.
Had a coupon for a 99 cent sonic blast. Oreo blast = yummy!

 Bought a new scarf for summer-it's very light weight...chevron. Super cute.
Crafted some cards. :) A little peak at one.

Overall hung out with friends and worked on homework for my online summer class.

What did you do this weekend?!? :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Awww Yeahhh

Pearls and Curls

Linking up for the instagram weekly recap with Sara. 
Check it out. 
Awww Yeahhh! Did a few of my favorite things this week and tried something new. 
Got a pedi for the first time in forever. I seriously don't remember the last time I had one.

Awww Yeahhh! New shirt! It has little birds on it. :)
 The dress I sadly had to was too see thru. 

YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. Stromboli from Johnny Brusco's Pizzeria. 
Meat Lovers was to die for. 

CUPCAKES! DUH. Awww yeahhh the vanilla. 

Clean and organized my desk. 
Feels good to have things looking neater and all organized.
Awww yeahhh what a relief. 

What did you do this week?! 
Guess I had a busy/fun week!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I'm going to be a bridesmaid in one of my BFF's wedding!!!!!!! I"M SO EXCITED I CAN'T STAND IT. This will be my first time being a bridesmaid. :)
Any advice for being a bridesmaid?!?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shenannies Legends Style

Sami's Shenanigans
Well this weekend started out boring as heck.
Andrew had a guys night with his I was stuck at home doing nothing. None of my friends were free, sad day.
That morning a I had interview with a job hopefully she can help me find something soon. I dread going to work and just don't love my job any more. Plus I need something that better suits me and a job that I make enough to support myself on. Student loans need to be re-paid people.

Friday night I sat on the couch messing around on the ipad and watched the weather channel-the tornados in OK, IL, and MO were happening. Scary stuff let me tell you. We had flash flooding in KS that morning...luckily the water went down pretty fast and I never actually saw flooding other than on the news.

Peonies from the side of our house. They smell very strongly. 
Saturday night I had plans to go out with friends to the legends. We ate at the Yard House, the restaurant has over 130 beers. I'm not a beer drinker, so we went b/c of the boys. 
Andrew's friend Dustin was in town on vaca from the he chose the place.
The food was really yummy and the guys enjoyed the beers. 
I flat ironed my hair for only the second time in a long time.

After dinner we decided to hit up another bar for drinks and the bar was handing out glow sticks. Dustin had a little too much fun with these there and on the ride home.
I didn't drink at all that night. I am not a beer fan and didn't want to spend money.

And yesterday I worked and stayed at Andrew's. 

What did you do this weekend? 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not Much

Pearls and Curls

Turns out this was a boring week for me on instagram. Hopefully this post doesn't make you fall asleep... next week should be more exciting. 
Pretty sure y'all don't want to see pictures of Andrew and myself sitting on the couch watching movies. HA.
eBay purchases, holla!

Watched the updates on the storms last night. Stay safe y'all.

New American Flag PJ Pants! Can be found at Old Navy.

eBay again. :)

This week I mostly worked, watched movies, oh and Andrew and I saw an advanced screening of This is the End. Let's just say it was kinda weird, and we are glad we got to see it for free.

What did you do?! Have a great weekend. :)