Monday, July 29, 2013

Not Too Much

Sami's Shenanigans

Linking up with Sami.

As the title says....I didn't do too much this weekend and only took two pictures.

Friday night I saw the first half of Hairspray with my mom. At intermission we handed out twizzlers. Then headed home b/c my friends were having a get together. Nothing too exciting, so no pics of that.

Saturday is was great to sleep in and hit the gym.
Saturday night went to sonic for half price shakes with Andrew and we listened to the Royals game, they are on a 6 game winning streak and are just at .500! WOOT.

Saturday night we also watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. I'm glad I finally got to see it, it was pretty good but I won't be buying it. Glad it was a free redbox code movie. 

I also made him tag along to the mall with my quickly to get some more pants for work and some belts.
Be on the look out for those in my OOTD pics on instagram. 

Sunday was spent running more errands and hitting up the gym again.  Also went to sonic again with Andrew. :) 
Had a board meeting to attend for the AFSP Greater KC Chapter as well.

So that's what I did this weekend. 
Notice I didn't work at all.
It's SO nice to have the weekends off. 

What did you do?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Survived

Whew, I managed to survive my first week of waking up at 6:30 every morning and working from 8-5 with an hour for lunch. I worked 39 hours this week! Coming from someone who used to work 15-25 each week this is a lot to get used to.
The only time I miss my part time job is when it comes to sleeping in. Other wise I love having steady hours, having my own desk which I get to decorate, and being able to wear cute outfits.

Oh and I DON'T work weekends or nights any longer! Plus I have more holidays off AND I signed up for my benefits yesterday!! Those kick in after the first 90 days.

Now that you've been updated on all of that jazz.....I've decided to try and keep up with taking daily work ootd pics and posting them to instagram. So if you follow me on there at Lifesabeach2110....sorry these will be a review for you. But suck it up b/c I'll review my work week each week and I know you don't want to miss out on that. ;)

For privacy reasons I will not reveal exactly where I work, but can tell you it's in a PT office.

Anywho.....we ran out of toner for our printer this week....and hopefully the new toner will arrive by Monday. It SUCKS not being able to print, copy, etc important documents.

Also the parking lot is "under construction" and it's taking way longer than it should.....they didn't do anything on it for two days and then yesterday worked for like 20 minutes before it started the parking lot is still 75% blocked off and remains a hot mess.

Okay back to the ootd pics. With out further ado....

Monday! Still working on having instagram fit my shoes in the pic.





Also this week I am linking up with Sara!

Pearls and Curls

Saw a hot air balloon flying really low! About to land.

Delta Zeta creed print out from etsy framed and on my desk at work!

Got a pedi with my friend Meghan Thursday night.

Pretty pink ballon flower for my desk!

$13 Lilly P tray from home goods for my desk!
Seems to be everyone's favorite item on my desk, minus the candy jar. :D

I'll actually take pics of my desk once it's more set up the way I like it aka have all the decorations I want. 

What did you do this week?

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Beginnings

First day of my big girl job ootd. Sorry for the awkward angle....
I had my dad snap this on my phone this morning before I left. 

My first day went really well. 
It's a lot different sitting and looking at a computer screen than it is to up running around the store.

I'm excited to be able to decorate my desk, and the person that is training me for two weeks it super nice. She told me we can order what ever supplies I want/need for the desk.

Thinking I might start taking OOTD pics for my work outfits. 

This is the first job I've had where I don't have to wear a uniform or my hair up! 

My benefits will kick in after 90 days...welcome to the adult life to me.

What was your first adult job?

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Pearls and Curls

Linking up with Sara again this week for the recap of some happenings during the week. 

Locally made cheese. YUMMY! 

Brownies!! These are SO good. Half of them have reece's pb cups in them. 

Bye bye work shirts. 

Bud Light Lime = a beer I can actually stand to have more than one sip of. 
Celebrated my grandma's birthday, we had GiGi's cupcakes. 
Wedding Cake is SO good. 
Yummy yummy in my tummy. 

What's your favorite place to get cupcakes from?

Friday, July 19, 2013


According to Blogger, my blog is two years old this month! 
Happy blog-aversary Lifesabeach2110.

Yes I still don't post very often, nor do I take pics of my everyday happenings....maybe one of these days.

Here's to another year, with hopefully better and more frequent posts!

My blog is feeling twooooo...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 years later...

It's time to sell my work shirts to my co-workers. 
That's right folks, in a few short days after just shy of 3 years at the good ol King, I am moving on. 
I only have 3-4 shifts left, it will definitely be bittersweet. 
It will most certainly suck being the new girl all over again, and having to take in so much new info. 
But it's all for the best in the end. 
Better pay, and benefits. Oh and I don't have to work nights/weekends! HOLLA.

I start my new job on Monday!!

Wish me luck.

See you later SK.  You will be missed....kind of. More so some of the people.

And advice as I start my first big girl job?

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Pearls and Curls

Linking up with Sara again!

So I've lately been sucking at taking pics with bad. Hopefully I'll jump back on the bandwagon one of these days in the next few weeks.
I'll have some exciting news to share later this week, stay tuned!

Found this gem on eBay! :) Only spent like $45 when they normally go for $200 + new. Thought I did pretty well. 

Visited 7-11 on 7/11/13. Got this FREE slurpee.....which might be the only day out of the year that I get one. HA. 

Not pictured are dresses from wedding dress shopping with my bff whose wedding I am going to be a bridesmaid in.  :)

What did you do this week?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Button Swap!

Y'all should know that the other day I took the time to finally make a blog button. With the help of a tutorial, thanks to this lady!
She has a bunch of super helpful tutorials.

Anyway check out the code on the left side of my blog.

I'm interested in doing some blog button swaps with people. 
Aka the FREE kind and not the kind where you have to pay to put your button on someone's blog.

Anyone interested in blog button swapping with me?!
I'd be happy to have you. :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Pearls and Curls
Linking up with Sara again this week!
These arrived from eBay! :)
A fun summery print!

Bought this beauty off of eBay as well! 

Hit the pool for a bit for the first time all summer. I'm pasty and busy. 
Hopefully I can make it to the pool more before it closes.

Watched the Royals kick the Indians butt's 10-7 on the 4th of July with my fam. 
Nothing says Summer time like baseball!

What did you do this week?

Thursday, July 4, 2013



This year for the 4th of July, I was supposed to work in the morning, but didn't end up having to go in.
My family and I minus my sister, went to a Royals game. 
It was a really good game to watch, and the weather was beautiful. The good seats were a plus-right in the shade and there was a breeze. 

Royals beat the Indians 10-7. :)

For dinner we grilled out. 
Then Andrew and I shot off some fireworks we bought.

I rocked my DZ America tank! Throwing what I know with the flag on my favorite holiday. 

Andrew and I with the flag. Luckily we remembered to take some pictures before it got to dark out.

Afterword we headed to watch some fireworks with some friends. 
I'd say it was a pretty good 4th of July. Can't wait for the next one! This year the weather was fantastic, not too hot/humid. 

What did you do?
What's your favorite holiday?

Monday, July 1, 2013

St. L

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend Andrew and I took a trip to St. Louis! Saturday night was for my college friend's wedding reception.
The food was good. But there were about 400 + people, and the music was super loud, long, and not in English. Oh and we didn't know anyone. So it was kinda a bust. We only got to say hi to the bride for literally 10 seconds.
But Sunday we made a trip to the zoo and the Budweiser brewery for a tour! Both were FREE.

Zoo sign. Luckily it only sprinkled for about 5 minutes the whole time we were there.

TURTLE!! One of the first animals we saw once in the zoo. :) :) :) DZ's LOVE turtles. 

The new baby elephant and it's mommy. Not the best shot of mom...

I was super happy to see the college's mascot...duh. :)


Us at the zoo entrance waterfall. 
Ignore my hair. The weather was humid/windy/rainy/sunny.

After the zoo and some lunch, we headed on over to the Brewery. 
Front of the Budweiser Brewery tour building.

Awwww yeah!

Clock tower and the logo sign.

Clydesdale and the carriage! 

Andrew enjoyed a few free samples of beer. 
He got a little full and didn't have the other two. 
He drank my one and one of his. 
I don't like beer, and was wearing my letters. 

On the way into the zoo there is a park called Turtle Park. 
It has a bunch of turtle statues. So naturally being a Delta Zeta I have to stop and take a picture with one.
Throwing what I know DZ style. :)

Overall I'd say Sunday was our favorite part of the trip. We were gone for 30 hours and 8 of that or more was spend driving to and from St. Louis. 

Next time maybe we can check out the arch closer up-we only saw it while driving. Also maybe see a Cardinals game and check out six flags.
This trip was mostly the budget and time friendly one. :)

Have you ever been to St. Louis?! 
What was your favorite part?