Tuesday, April 30, 2013


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I used to have a lot of T.V. shows that I would watch and fill up my DVR with....now not so much. 
I'm a junkie for shows....and have to admit it kinda breaks my heart a lot of my shows are no longer airing/and or are being canceled. 

Pictured about are the Top 5 shows that I can think of that I used to watch that have hit the chopping block. :(
After watching a few seasons of the shows, you get connected on some levels with each character, and want to see how their "lives" err story lines play out. What can I say....I miss them ALL.

There were also some shows on ABC Family that got canceled as well: Secret Life and Make it or Break it.

Luckily there are a few shows that I watch that haven't gotten put on the chopping block yet.

Once Upon a Time and Survivor. I am new to watching these, and love them.

Now for my ultimate faves that are still around: GREY'S ANATOMY. I would have probably died if this had gotten canceled after season 8, like originally planned. 

Grey's Anatomy 
Pretty Little Liars
Hart of Dixie
Once Upon a Time
The Voice
90210-few episodes left
Switched at Birth
Anything on HGTV
Welcome to Mrytle Manor-trashy, but entertaining
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Pretty sure I am missing some, but those shows are the gist of what I watch.

What shows do you watch? Any of your favorites get the ax? 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Shenannies!

So my weekend wasn't that exciting. I mostly worked and started getting ready for the AFSP garage sale that's next weekend.

Pretty tulips in the kitchen.

Car turned over to 83,000 miles.

Saw that after my 8 hour shift I had on Thursday we made all of our store goals that day! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekly Recap

Pearls and Curls

It's that time again, for the weekly recap. Hold on to your hats, this week was a wild one. (Sarcasm)

It was a fairly busy week via pictures. Mostly shopping. :)

Tote via eBay. My new signature print y'all.

luggage tag eBay too. 

Espresso bar is my new fav.  3/10$ currently folks. 

Dirk, my fat lover. He is my grandma's cat. 

New Sperry's came in the mail. Got them 25% off. Holla. 
My old ones will replace my really old ones that I wear to work.

1st round 1st pick in the NFL 2013 Draft. Holla. Eric Fisher anyone?!

New shirt! Love me some Ralph Lauren. Hence my hamster's name being Ralph.

Love me some LaMar's donuts. I had 12 donut holes and that donut was free thanks to rewards. 

What did you do this week?! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

It's that time of the week again, MONDAY! Time for weekly shenannies-new word?

New wallet. My eBay obsession and this Capri Melon print get me every time. 

Pretty spring flowers. repeat pic, hate me if you want.

Made myself a tie blanket. :) ROCK CHALK. It's SO comfy.

Went to the casino with my parents. I lost $20. Boo. 

What did you do this weekend? :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Love About Spring Time

This is the bradford pear tree in my backyard. Took this 4/20.
Pretty blossoming trees and flowers. 

It's Baseball season!! GO ROYALS.

It's engagement season. My friends Lauren and Mitch got engaged the other week. 

Their cute banner Lauren's sister Sarah made for the engagement party.

As for the weather....it still feels kind of like winter, with rain subbing for the snow.
Can't wait for it to officially be warmer out consistently. 
That way more fire pit nights can happen and baseball games can be attended. 

What is your favorite thing about Spring?! :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly Recap Instagram

Pearls and Curls
Linking up again for my weekly recap via instagram.
OOTD Thursday. Monogram vest and polka dot pants.

New sandals!

Had Chick-fil-a's breakfast for the first time....pretty tasty.
 Love me some hash browns. 

Made blueberry muffins. 
My week wasn't very exciting.
What did you do? 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


New sandals from Target.

Vera Bradley's Capri Melon print. 
I've been buying up a storm on eBay. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


Friday night was the first fire pit night of the season with friends. I love hosting these. :) Sadly I forgot to take pictures with my friends that were able to attend. 

Royals Game Saturday night attire. 

Lauren, Mitch, Andrew, and I tailgated before the game Saturday. 

Yesterday I worked and then lounged around with Andrew. 

How was your weekend? :)

Prayers for Boston

Prayers for everyone involved with the Boston explosions and those involved with the JFK Library explosion.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Instagram Weekly Recap

Pearls and Curls

Busy week on my instagram. :)
I should check and see how many weeks I have done this now.
These are out of order. Too lazy to fix them. 
2nd home game of the season Tuesday night. Andrew and I went.

This was Andrew and I's view.We had great seats for cheap.

The Lamp came in the mail! DZLAM

Saw Admission with Andrew on Monday. Yay for cheap seats. 

Monday night we went to the casino.

New Vera Bradley came in the mail.

Best sugar cookies ever. 

What did you do this week? :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am selling some of my Vera Bradley stuff I no longer use on eBay. Y'all should check it out. The auctions end in less than 24 hours. The purses/wallets are listed under Andrew's account. Search for TennieLegend7's postings. :)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Went to the casino tonight. Came out with an additional $46.59 in my wallet. 
Winner winner chicken dinner. I started out with $20, went home with $66.59 all together.
Played the More Chillis, Michael Jackson, and Playboy slots…big winners on each of them! Big winners meaning $20+.
And yes I played on some of my winnings so I could have possibly walked out with a bit more. 
You must lose some to win some. I went to the casino with my parents and Andrew. We all came out winners!
Dad won $50. I won $46.60. Andrew won $40. Mom won $20. :)
I don't get to go to the casino very often because not too many of my friends or Andrew like to go or my parents go when I am working. So it was nice to go and come out all winners. Which is rare. :)
Do you like going to the casino or gambling?

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Weekend Shenanigans

Linking up for the usual Weekend Shenanigans Post.
selfie, haha. Curly spiral hair. 

Andrew and I watched this last night.
He doesn't like country music so I only got to watch bits and pieces of the CMAs.

I made dinner for my family last night, chicken tetrazzini. YUMMY in my tummy!

Cupcakes I made for an order. Chocolate buttercream!

My new purse arrived from eBay.

Used a free rental code from redbox on this. It was an okay movie.

BEST QUESO EVER. From a local restaurant. 

What did you do?