Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Went to the casino tonight. Came out with an additional $46.59 in my wallet. 
Winner winner chicken dinner. I started out with $20, went home with $66.59 all together.
Played the More Chillis, Michael Jackson, and Playboy slots…big winners on each of them! Big winners meaning $20+.
And yes I played on some of my winnings so I could have possibly walked out with a bit more. 
You must lose some to win some. I went to the casino with my parents and Andrew. We all came out winners!
Dad won $50. I won $46.60. Andrew won $40. Mom won $20. :)
I don't get to go to the casino very often because not too many of my friends or Andrew like to go or my parents go when I am working. So it was nice to go and come out all winners. Which is rare. :)
Do you like going to the casino or gambling?


  1. I always loose when I gamble! Last time I lost $40 and the time before that I lost like $200. Obviously I knew that I would loose so I toned down my amount the last time I went. Yay for your winnings!!! That is awesome!

  2. I have never been to a casino. I am SO unlucky when it comes to that stuff I just know I'd end up broke.