Tuesday, April 30, 2013


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I used to have a lot of T.V. shows that I would watch and fill up my DVR with....now not so much. 
I'm a junkie for shows....and have to admit it kinda breaks my heart a lot of my shows are no longer airing/and or are being canceled. 

Pictured about are the Top 5 shows that I can think of that I used to watch that have hit the chopping block. :(
After watching a few seasons of the shows, you get connected on some levels with each character, and want to see how their "lives" err story lines play out. What can I say....I miss them ALL.

There were also some shows on ABC Family that got canceled as well: Secret Life and Make it or Break it.

Luckily there are a few shows that I watch that haven't gotten put on the chopping block yet.

Once Upon a Time and Survivor. I am new to watching these, and love them.

Now for my ultimate faves that are still around: GREY'S ANATOMY. I would have probably died if this had gotten canceled after season 8, like originally planned. 

Grey's Anatomy 
Pretty Little Liars
Hart of Dixie
Once Upon a Time
The Voice
90210-few episodes left
Switched at Birth
Anything on HGTV
Welcome to Mrytle Manor-trashy, but entertaining
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Pretty sure I am missing some, but those shows are the gist of what I watch.

What shows do you watch? Any of your favorites get the ax? 


  1. I am a huge Gossip Girl fan! I wish this show was still on. It was so well written, had awesome music, a great cast, and awesome fashion too!

  2. I LOVE the Hart of Dixie, but I just started watching it on Netflix, so I've only watched season 1 and can't find the first half of season 2 anywhere. LOVE Grey's Anatomy. And, Army Wives.

  3. Did you ever see that show "Mercy"? I was so hooked...it only aired for 1 season.

    Broke my little heart.

  4. I love hart of Dixie and switched at birth!! I've also watched all seasons of greys but haven't gotten into this one :( I love army wives and modern family too

  5. Grey's Anatomy is my absolute favourite show! I also really like Modern Family, SYTTD (Atlanta is the best!), and The Big Bang Theory. Food Network and HGTV are super addicting too - I can't stop watching!