Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Advice for Those Graduating

To the spring class of 2013: CONGRATULATIONS! 
As you prepare for graduation, here are a few things I wished I had done/remembered to do as I graduated, and just some general advice. 

Wear shoes you can walk/stand in.
Have lots of bobby pins for your grad cap. 
Take pictures with your family/friends either before or after the ceremony. 
Decorate your grad cap.
Bring a small bag with your phone/gum/keys, etc.
Order a grad stole/cords if applicable. 

Let's just say I my grad cap was too big for my super small head, and I had to re-pin my hat during the ceremony. Luckily I had just enough bobby pins, but was a pain to do.

I missed out on getting photos with family after the was crowded and cold out. My grandparents went straight home, so I didn't even get to see them. They didn't come to my grad party. :(

DECORATE YOUR GRAD CAP. I am SO happy I did. You will see why: See the pictures below. 

Now I leave you with some pictures from my Fall 2012 graduation.

My decorated grad cap was one of the few, so it made the commencement ceremony slide show on the university website!! :)

Decked out in my cap, gown, and stole! AY AY DZ!

Also, start applying for jobs NOW!

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