Saturday, September 10, 2011

My 9/11/01 Memories

On this day 10 years ago I was in my 6th grade science classroom. It was one of my first few classes of the day. I was 8 days shy of 12 years old. Over the p.a. system our middle school principal made an announcement of something along the lines of: “If anyone has any relatives in New York City, NY please make your way to the front office.” Everyone was kind of confused but we went on with class for about five more minutes. After that I remember switching classes and the T.V.s being turned on.
I was in history class this time and we watched the news listening to one of the many broadcasts happening covering the twin tower crash. At that time no one knew why this was all happening. The rest of the day in school was spent watching the news broadcasts. I remember watching the second tower get attacked, by that time America knew this was no accident. I witnessed the pentagon being attacked and the report of the plane crash in the field. I watched with a terrified look on my face the towers fall. The rest of the day was a blur.
Class was not let out early. I made it home on that Monday around my usual time from my new school. My Daddy was sitting on the couch in our hearth room watching the continuous news coverage about the attacks. I asked my Daddy about what all was happening, he said he didn’t know why or who it was. After a long day at school, I was glad to see him and gave him a big hug after I had set my back pack down. 
My Daddy was an air traffic controller for my home area on 9/11/01. Which is far away from NY.  For those of you who don’t know what an air traffic controller is, they are responsible for talking to pilots and giving them directions so the planes don’t crash into each other. I am so thankful that he didn’t have to deal with things at work that day. Mondays and Tuesdays were his days off that year. 
Two days before 9/11/01, on 9/09/01, my family and I returned from our vacation in California. That was the last time I was on a plane before my trip to Vegas last November. Our family friends were set to fly out of CA on 9/11/01, but were delayed a few days do to the no fly policy for the days following 9/11.
I personally do not know anyone who lost their life on 9/11/01, but my heart goes out to all who have lost their life, and those who know someone who did. 
I want to say thank you and God Bless those who served that day, and those who are serving today because of the attacks on America that day. I am a truly blessed American. And am very thankful that I was not on a plane on 9/11, but to think, only two days before instead. 
Don’t take anything for granted. Live life to the fullest. Things can change in an instant. 
GOD BLESS AMERICA. May the victims and heroes RIP. </3 NEVER FORGET. 

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  1. Nine11 hurt us all, and I think we as a nation will never fully recover. But we will remember, we will pray, and honor those who are not here today.