Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recruitment Ahead!

Yes this is a bit early, but recruitment practice is coming up for my chapter. I filled in the recruitment and perfection week dates in my Lilly P. planner. I printed out the email containing the all important recruitment schedule and songs, etc. It's a bit overwhelming being thrown back into it all after a year off. I am nervous and excited. Sadly I am super awkward when it comes to being forced to talk to strangers. Here is to hoping this year's goes better than two years ago for me. Now to memorize and practice our butts off over the next two months. It's my SENIOR year and only my second recruitment/last recruitment. EEK.
Images are off google.

Anyone else going through the recruitment process soon?


  1. Yes! I am going to be a Rho Gamma this Recruitment - our Spirit Week is July 12-18 and Formal Recruitment is August 19-25 :)

    1. Good luck!! That is exciting. :) Panhell Love.

  2. My sister is going to go through recruitment this fall, and she is so nervous!