Monday, July 23, 2012

The Olympics Are Coming!

The olympics are coming, the olympics are coming! Since the 2012 London olympics are only three days away (27th) I thought I would make a post to celebrate. Will you be watching and what is your favorite sport to watch? Any favorite athletes?
I am really sad that Shawn Johnson had to retire. But I love watching the women's gymnastics, and swimming is always exciting-Micheal Phelps....8 in '08 any one?
2008 was a very good year (graduated high school, ha).
Do you prefer to watch the summer olympics or the winter olympics. For me I love the summer, but can't stand to miss watching figure skating in the winter.

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  1. I LOOOOOOVE GYMNASTICS!!!! Definitely my favorite thing to watch (I, too, loved Shawn Johnson!!) But, also like you, I love figure skating during the winter Olympics.... Not a big fan of the track & field though...