Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 If you haven't already heard....you can now go to hipgram.com and log into your instagram account!! I am in love with instagram, so being able to share my pictures on my blog of life's latest happenings will be fun!
All of these pictures are from my instagram account: Lifesabeach2110.  Follow me. :)
My graduation stole. Graduation is only 24 days away!!

New shelving unit for organizing and holding all of my baking stuff for my business.

Bought this the other day. IN LOVE WITH IT. It plays on repeat in my car.

New front license plate for my car. Figured I would represent my soon to be alma mater. :)


  1. I love all of this!!! For starters, our DZ stoles looked a lot like yours (except ours were dark pink!) and I used to have that SAME organizer (is urs from target or ikea?) and I LOVE Taylor and heard her new CD was amazing, but I haven't gotten it yet :( and I drive a Mazda too! I love it!!!!

    1. DZLAM sister! Ah, so much in common. :) I am thinkingTarget for the organizer.