Friday, December 14, 2012

College Graduation

I graduated college on 12/14/12. The ceremony was kind of boring and my cap was too big for my head. I spent the first twenty minutes trying to get it to stay with bobby pins. I didn't trip as I walked across the stage! After word my family and my boyfriend Andrew went out to dinner at Winstead's...we kept it low key. Sadly I didn't get to see my grandparents....they left after the ceremony and I couldn't find my family to take pictures...yeah. 
BUT I had a party at my house with fabulous friends/some family members after dinner. It was a lot of fun and am really appreciative of everyone who helped me to celebrate. 
I can't believe I am done with college. EEK. Not sure if I am keen on spending the rest of my life working....kinda going to miss school. 
Now I will leave you with a few pictures from my college graduation from UMKC. LOVE ME SOME DELTA ZETA. :)
All of these pictures are mine. 

My grad cap!

The grad ceremony.

Rose cupcakes in pink and green in honor of Delta Zeta for the party. Made by me.

My boyfriend Andrew and I. :) <3

Some sorority sisters and I whom graduated. 

Me in my cap/gown/stole. :)

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