Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthday Re-cap!

Well if I do say so myself....this birthday was a pretty good one. Celebrated with family...lunch/dinner....cake/ice cream...presents. With friends....fire pit night and hit up a happy hour.
Downside of my b-day was that I had to work, but my co-workers were super sweet and got me some goodies.

I shall now leave you with some pictures.

As for this whole blogging thing....I have no motivation and mostly use this site to read other's blogs....so spare with me.

Time to break it down. Sorry these aren't in the correct order.

Birthday happy hour outfit. Heel y'all...this never happens. 
I hurt my arm attempting to walk down the stairs in my garage.

Some gifts. GO CHIEFS.

Beautiful roses Andrew got me. They only last 6 days....barely. 
But sure were pretty while the lasted. :)

ADULT size golf clubs y'all. My ones before I've had since I was a kid. 

camera pandora charm.

Diamonds and pearls.

Free Panera cookie X2!

Birthday balloons from a co-worker.

My birthday sash.

Extra nice dessert from Longhorn Steak House. 
To make up for my still mooing steak...

The cupcakes pictured above I made for my celebrations. 

Andrew and I at my happy hour. 

With some of my friends.

Not pictured family celebrations.

And that folks was a post about my 24th. 

Don't even want to talk about the quarter life crisis that is next year's age.

What do you do for your birthday?

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