Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's Already Been 2 Years

Well well well.....would you look at that. We did it! Andrew and I have officially been dating for two years now! Our anniversary was on 8/18 and we kept it pretty low key, since it was a Monday.

We ate at Freddy's steak-burgers and frozen custard. A and I both love the place, it was cheap, easy and quick. Plus we had a movie to get to people, we saw Let's Be Cops.

Let's just say Andrew found it to be more funny than I did, I think the story line wasn't that bad. But I wasn't finding myself laughing my butt off. I am always hesitant to get my expectations up about a comedy movie. I hoped the movie would be funny, but I wasn't expecting it to be as good as say 21 and 22 Jump Street were.

We exchanged gifts, both picked out what we wanted, so the gifts weren't a surprise and we were on a budget.

I got him a KC Royals shirt, some beer, and paid for dinner.  He got me a KC Chiefs shirt, beautiful roses that were delivered to me at work, and bought the movies tickets.

It was a fun date night to celebrate the two years, and was definitely budget friendly, minus my roses. ;)

Some pics from the night....

We took a picture like this on one year. 

Beautiful pinkish red roses that were delivered to my work.

Andrew and I with the flowers. :) We did not plan the blue stripes attire.