Sunday, July 10, 2011


Only 3 weeks left of ballet class. I need to start practicing at home more and stretching. I am really enjoying ballet class, I don't expect to be perfect but wouldn't mind if I looked better actually doing it. The stronger muscles wouldn't be too bad as well! I think it is helping to contribute to my weight gain! :)
I think our recital will turn out well, if some other people in class get their acts together by coming to class and actually learning things. I've always wanted to learn the basics of ballet, but this class is covering more than I ever thought it would, hopefully I am able to keep up. Some other girls in the class have taken ballet/dance before and they aren't half bad. Hoping to work towards being at least decent at the required moves by the time is done-I really need to earn an A in the class. I am slightly worried about learning/comprehending all of the French vocab that will be our final written test, eek. Time to start going over them...
Really needing to get at least a B in biology class. lecture is a toughy, even the second time around. I need to get my on the ball for those classes. Lab isn't half bad, I enjoy it much more than lecture. It's more fun and exciting, because we are actually doing things, instead of sitting, listening, and writing info. down. LET'S DO THIS! Do work son! LEGGOOOO
Here's to 3 more weeks of summer classes. Time to finish strong!

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