Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So I'm taking this medicine that doesn't allow me to drink for 8 :(

Toddlers & Tiaras was on tonight-such a good show. Makes me wish I did pageants as a child. Might look into some natural ones or something. Never too late to do something, right?

SYTTD: Bridesmaids! LOVE it and can't wait for a new episode on Friday!

HP DH pt 2 midnight premiere is tomorrow night-so pumped. I made a simple t-shirt with a J. K. R. quote on it. :) I made a run to wally world with a friend that I have known since pre-school. I ended up buying twizzlers, gobstoppers, the People magazine with Jaycee Dugard on the cover, & the book The Help! I am excited to read both! :)

After tomorrow's class is over there are only two more weeks of class/finals! EEK.

Have a blessed weekend.


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