Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have to admit I have an obsession with anything navy colored. I have a long champ, shirts, and now a pair of navy blue Toms. Kids sized of course. I already own a pair of the grey ones, but figured I could also use a pair in the navy color. They are super comfy and are for a good cause, so hey why not, right?! This time I made sure to get a half size up, because in order to wear the grey ones I have to keep my toenails super short, ha.

Do you own a pair of Toms?



  1. I wish the Toms fit my feet! I got a pair of the navy ones for Christmas but I had to return them because my feet are too wide :(

  2. I'm so on a navy kick right now too! May have to pick up the navy Toms- I have the pink glittery ones now that I love!

  3. I love navy too. Its such a classic color that goes with anything and i love toms! I have two pairs :)