Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Job Hunting

As a recent college graduate I have been applying for full time jobs ever since graduation. (12/14/12)
I've been applying online to places. My inboxes for my email addresses are filled with automated replies from companies and emails from my mother, who sends me save search results from different job sites.
I am in need of a full time job, and it has to have benefits. Once said job is obtained....I will slowly be cut off from my parents financially. Oh and in June I HAVE to start paying off my student loans. Did I mention I have no clue who I will be paying my loans back to? Still waiting to be contacted by the loan company.
So finally finding a job that pays more than what I make now at my part time job is really important.
And I refuse to go full time where I am at now....too many hours, for too little pay, and no benefits.

How I feel that I have yet to get a job. I have had a few interviews....that haven't worked out due to weird circumstances.

Someone PLEASE hire me. :)

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