Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Actual 4th

Last post you saw what took place on the eve of my favorite holiday. The pics below are from the actual 4th of July. I consider this the best time of year. :)
Andrew and I threw a little get together at his place. We had 4 friends come over, everyone else was busy with family stuff or out of town. Andrew's place isn't super big, so it was the perfectly sized party.
I didn't take pics with everyone, or of everything, my bad.

A and myself. 

Friend CB and I.

A and MJ, CB's Boyfriend playing pong.
We also had ladder golf.
We grilled burgers and dogs, enjoyed adult beverages and then went across the state line to buy some fireworks.
I'd say all of us had a blast shooting off fireworks where it is legal.
And instead of going to watch a show like normal....we all went our separate ways.
Andrew and I ended up watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.
That ladies and gents was my 4th of July.
What did you do?

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