Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

My FAVORITE holiday is finally here! It's the 4th of July incase you live under a rock.
Last night Andrew and I attended my first company party. My one year with work is in 18 days so that's why it's my first one.
We had a lot of fun! It was like one big block party. The neighborhood every year sets off a bunch of those parachute ones and the kids chase the shoots down to catch them. Which was a fun site to see. Also they had two watermelons that were blown up with M 80s!!  SO neat.
There was a fireworks lasted 40 whole minutes! It was amazing to watch from two yards over from where they were being shot off! Le pretty and fun to watch. Celebrating our great nation's independence sure is the best. :)
Oh and there was the most Americanized truck I had ever seen.....
Here are a few festive pics. Hopefully I remember to take some more of tonight's festivities with friends.
I didn't get any pics of exploding watermelons, or any with co-workers.
But these few will do for now.
I'll see if later I can upload the 5 minute video of fireworks.
My festive nails. 

Myself and Andrew at the party.

American Truck right there y'all.

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  1. Love your nails! Looks like you had a great day celebrating your favorite holiday :)