Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Media Buttons Help/Update

So I get how to put the codes for the media buttons and upload the pictures....what I can't get to work is the link to my twitter profile. I click on the button and it says this page does not exist. It just takes me to another page with in my blog and comes up with an error message. How do I get the buttons to link to an outside site?

I've tried this code:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src= "" ="50px" /></a>

And it comes up with the following message: Sorry the page you are looking for on this blog does not exist.

Annoyed and frustrated because I have tried multiple times to get it to work and it won't. Also I had to create a new photobucket account because the other one was giving me trouble as well.

Any other help at this point would be greatly appreciated. I feel so close, yet so far.

Edit: Shout out and a big thank you to Caroline at Pretty_In_Prep for helping me resolve my issue. I needed to put https:// in front of the twitter link. ***smacks forehead***

To everyone who left comments with advice, THANK YOU.


  1. Hey girl, shoot me an e-mail at I'll try and help you out!

  2. Try putting https:// before

    I don't know if it will work but that's the only thing that really different from the code that I use. Good luck!