Sunday, February 2, 2014

48th Reason to Party

As you know it's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! The Superbowl has been around for 48 years.
My KC Chiefs went to the first one....but not even going to go there.

For this years game of Seattle vs Denver, I feel like Denver forgot to show up. It was a boring game-Seattle kicked butt in case you missed it.

I wore blue-to appear neutral in what team I was rooting for. I don't like Denver, but went along with everyone else tonight. MISTAKE! Denver was a let down tonight.

In regards to the best commercials in the order they appeared:
David Beckham underwear for H & M. Holy Yum.
M & M and the mob. The yellow one is my fav.
Chobani yogurt with the Full House guys.
The Budweiser with the puppy and horse-melted my heart.

Lets just say I hope the Chiefs can kick butt again next year and actually make it past the first round play off game like they did this year.

Friends who attended!

I made football cupcakes. :)

Did you watch this year and who did you root for?
What were your favorite commercials?

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