Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blogger-ish Probs?

If you look back at the dates of my blog posts, instagram pics, tweets, and fb statuses etc, etc, etc....you might notice a pattern.
The thing is: I feel like I post too little sometimes. Some days I get on kicks with things I want to share or words of wisdom (ha) that come out of my mouth/brain? Other days I am just like uh..... nothing to say. Which is normal I guess, but I would like to get into blogging more. Guess I just feel awkward about doing it.
Things to possibly look into for the future:
Invest in getting a blog design made-have you seen this current hot mess? Hey, now I am doing the best I can.
Buying and using a nice camera. Right now I don't have the money and don't use my current camera. My iphone goes every where so why not just use that camera? It's a lot smaller and easier to use. It has what I would like to call a universally easy camera-no one is too dumb to use it. A big fancy one would take some explaining. So back to square one.
Actually finding things to post about.....let's face it- my life isn't THAT interesting...
For now I think I'll just sit back a bit longer and find some more link up posts again to participate in.
Must find blogging mojo.
This post counts, right?

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  1. I feel the same way! I used to be such a good blogger (as in, blogging more often!) Now I feel like I have nothing interesting to stay and I get too lazy to actually update it more than once a month! Plus, I, too, am in dire need of a blog makeover! ... One of these days, I suppose!