Saturday, February 8, 2014

To Shellac or Not to Shellac?

I'm super late to the bandwagon....but I need opinions on wether or not to try out a shellac manicure.
A sales lady at one of the stores today while I was shopping had super pretty nails-they were red shellac polish.
I had fake nails in high school-it was sophomore year and it was cool then, mmmmkay?
Cons of fake nails:They hurt like a witch, were expensive to keep up, and my nails have never been the same since. They are SO not as strong as they once were.

My questions for y'all are:
Is shellac as bad for your nails as fake nails?
How long does the polish usually last?
Is it as expensive to upkeep?
How much does it usually cost to have the shellac removed?

Any help/advice/opinions welcomed, please and thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Well shellac isn't a fake nail, just a strong polish. I did it once a couple years ago and I will never EVER do it again. It took 9 months for my nails to recover from that experience.