Monday, July 14, 2014

Life Lately Pics

Cinco Powell bag took 6 weeks to arrive, but it finally showed up on my door step in one piece.
This was the free bag I won on Chicago Prepster's blog.

Found this beaut on Andrew's phone from LR and MR's wedding. :)

Went to a childhood friend MF's first part of her bachelorette party. We've known each other since pre school. 

Got these lovely items from vs and bath and body works. Either discounted or FREE. Gotta love coupons.

This was from MF's bridal shower. The shower and bachelorette party happened the same day.
She's getting hitched on 7/19.

LR finally posted all the wedding snap shots on fb. The other bridesmaids and I in front of the lake. This one is one of my favs so I thought I would throw it in there.
And it wasn't made available to me back when I did the wedding post.

Speaking of weddings/bridal showers....I made these cupcakes for a sorority sister's bridal shower this weekend.
Shaped like a wedding dress. 
First time doing that, so I am working on the placement/technique for the cupcakes still.


  1. Love the bag you won and those cupcakes look amazing - you did a great job with them!

  2. Wow, lots of wedding related events! How fun!

    I love the cupcake arrangement!

  3. discounts and free are the beeest!!!!!! Love the cupcakes - and I'm sure they were as delicious as they look!

  4. Hey girl!! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out -